Back Then I Adored You Chapter 272

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After throwing the slipper, Qin Zhi’ai realized what she had done. She was so scared that her hair stood on end.

Compared to her nerves, Gu Yusheng didn’t take the slipper flying toward him seriously. Leisurely, he walked toward her with one hand in his pocket. When the flying slipper was in front of his eyes, he tilted his head slightly and raised his hand quickly without blinking his eyes. Then he caught the slipper she had thrown easily and accurately.

It seemed that Qin Zhi’ai couldn’t believe what she had seen. She blinked at Gu Yusheng, who was relaxed and calm, then looked at the slipper he held in his hand and blinked her eyes. After that, she realized that he was already in front of her.

I just threw that slipper at him Is he coming to punish me?

Suddenly, Qin Zhi’ai jumped backward and rushed into the dining room.

Gu Yusheng intended to bend over to help her put on her slippers, but unexpectedly, he saw her react like a rabbit. Surprised and amazed, he was fixed there.

He had never imagined that the girl he had accidentally fallen in love with had such a lovely side in addition to the cowardly and cautious side in front of him, and the elegant and beautiful side she showed to others.

Frankly speaking, thinking about his parent’s marriage, he really had no courage to go deep into love and a marriage that he didn’t know the ending to.

Therefore, after being woken up by Lu Bancheng, he had intended to give her the necklace, not to return home from then on, and stop their relationship.

However, the previous night, she had actually found him in the cemetery. She was the same girl who had once warmed him. She gave him too much happiness. His heart was like spring rain. In his heart, the wild grass of love had started growing crazily as if it had rained several times on it.

Love was really strange. After one day and one night, he couldn’t control the growth of the grass of love.

He had wanted to stay by her side, so he had asked his colleagues to talk business at his home. After seeing her strange appearance of jumping and calling her “baby,” he wanted to tease her more… He wanted to see more different sides of her…

After a long time, the housekeeper still didn’t see Gu Yusheng walk into the dining room, so she couldn’t help coming out to look for him. As a result, she saw Gu Yusheng standing beside the stairway, a slipper in his hand.

Stunned for a while, the “Mr. Gu” came to the tip of the housekeeper’s tongue, but she didn’t speak it out.

Gu Yusheng pulled himself back to reality and went up to the housekeeper normally. He handed Qin Zhi’ai’s slipper to the housekeeper and said, “Help her put this on.” Then he turned to the bathroom.

While washing his hands, Gu Yusheng continued thinking about Qin Zhi’ai.

He wasn’t sure how much he loved her. Was it like or love, or somewhere between like and love?

But he was sure that he couldn’t end their relationship. He wanted her to stay in his life.

When Gu Yusheng had just entered the restaurant, Qin Zhi’ai became cowardly and cautious. Although she stared at her rice bowl, out of the corner of her eye, she was always secretly looking at Gu Yusheng.

After confirming that the man wasn’t dissatisfied with her throwing her slipper at him, she was secretly relieved. Then there was surprise and doubt rising in her heart.

Is Gu Yusheng not angry? But he seems a little different after returning from the cemetery last night?

Biting her chopsticks, Qin Zhi’ai stopped eating.


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