Am I A God? Chapter 574

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The atmosphere was raging and life trembled. Everyone’s attention was attracted to the splendour bright light from Kensei Yagyu’s blade. In fact, the whole hall’s lights diminished leaving behind thousands of shadows that merged together with the blade. It brought death and destruction as it slash towards Kaede Hattori.

This attack held all of Kensei Yagyu’s belief. It was the perfect integration of his shadow abilities and swordsmanship, it was the strongest attack he had ever made.

However, the next moment, from the void of space a pale white palm stretched out and blocked Kensei Yagyu’s shadow blades. Metallic sparks were produced from the friction between the palm and the blade.

More and more pale white palms appeared from the void of space and held onto the shdaow blade one by one.

Kensei Yagyu’s attack got slower and slower till it gently stopped in front of Kaede Hattori.

Numerous mysterious figures were looming in the void of space. The roof of the hall started to seep blood and many rotten hands reached out from below the ground. The hall was filled with women screaming and babies crying.

Kaede Hattori’s horrific world had arrived.

“Fight?’ Kaede Hattori pondered softly. At the same time, the pale white palms from the void of space exterted force on the blade together.The shadow blade shattered and disappeared into thin air.

Divine Rays of Terror converge towards Kaede Hattori and transformed into a blood red robe on him.

He glanced towards Kensei Yagyu who was stumblinig backwards and commented, ” The warmup just now was considered a fight?”

As he spoke, more peculiar figures started appearing. Some were centipedes formed from human heads, some were monsters formed from several broken limbs and some were a blur shadow.

Fear crept up everyone’s spine. After seeing Kensei Yagyu’s disbelief, Kaede Hattori shook his index finger and said, “All of you have no idea how strong I am. Such ignorance is the only reason why you dare to attack me. ”

While speaking, all the peculiar creatures have swarmed towards Kensei Yagyu. However, this time Kensei Yagyu’s blades were no longer as powerful.

On contrary the creatures and monster, some had no form, some had skin as hard as metal, some spat water and fire and some could revive immediately after death.

In the horrific world, all these creatures were formed from the Divine Rays of Terror. As long as Kaede Hattori’s Divine Rays of Terror does not end, there would be endless of them.

When one creature has been slaughtered, two other creatures would appear. When two creatures were sliced into half by the shadow blades, four creatures would appear from the void of space.

Kaede Hattori stood by the side and watch Kensei Yagyu struggle as the creature surround him, like a cat toying with a mouse.

The battle situation changed drastically, Kensei Yagyu who had the upperhand just now, has lost his advantage. Although he has not completely lost but anyone could tell he could no longer win Kaede Hattori.

With the spread of the Divine Rays of Terror, Hideki Kujyo was also severely affected. He could not withstand the creeping fear and hence pressed his phone frantically, “Apollo, what are you waiting for! Hurry attack!”

However, no matter how he pressed the phone, nothing changed. Hideki Kujyo’s heart sank. When he thought that the Americans had given up on them, a sigh came from above.

A crushing noise followed. To everyone’s disbelief, the entire banquet hall’s four walls started collapsing. After the collapse, many American Apostles who were wearing black shirts and pants was revealed.

From above their heads, the entire roof also crumpled. However, the stones and concrete slabs did not fall downwards. Instead, they started floating upwards and the situation above them was unveiled.

There were 12 blonde foreigners floating above their heads, looking at these Japanese as if they were insignificant ants.

In the middle of the 12 guys, there was a teenager that had absolutely perfect body proportion and looks as handsome as the Sun God from the legends.

This teenager, Apollo, was the strongest American Apostles that was stationed in Japan.

Apart from him, the 11 Apostles beside him and the hundreds of Apostles that had surrounded the banquet hall were all floating in mid air. They were all apostles who had borrowed the gravitational ability.

Upon seeing this, Kaede Hattori’s face turned solemn. Given the great number of American Apostles that had arrived together but he did not received any news beforehand. The significance behind this made him feel disappointed but he could hardly hold a grudge against it. America held onto too much of their country’s weaknesses. Under pressure, their government could only give in.

From today, he, Kaede Hattori, will change all of this.

“So Apollo, you are finally here?” Kaede Hattori sniggered,” Do you think just by bringing more Apostles you can win me?”

Apollo lowered his eyelids, he neither looked at Kaede Hattori nor Kensei Yagyu. He just calmly said,” Hattori you are walking on a route of no return. Even if you get away today, you would not be able to escape the hunt down in the future, only death awaits you. This is the current circumstance and it would not be changed by one man’s will.”

“Cut the rubbish, first let me kill all of you then I will get rid of the pests in the government.” Kaede Hattori clenched his fists firmly and the horrific world expanded once more. It expanded till it had encompass all the surrounding American Apostles.

With an order from Apollo, hundreds of Apostles exerted their gravitional ability. A terrifiying and inescapable force acted on Kaede Hattori straightaway. Instantly, it shattered several of Kaede Hattori’s bones. His internal organs were bleeding profusely. Blood was oozing out from his eyes and nose.

Yet, the next moment, Kaede Hattori had a blinding red light shining out from his body. It transformed into several layers of force fields and defended him from the alarming gravitation.

Despite this, sounds of his bones breaking were still heard. It was as if the next moment he would be teared into pieces by the violent gravity.

When there is a lack in quality, make it up with quantity. Kaede Hattori had strong individual abilities, hence the American side sent out hundreds of Apostles with similiar gravitational abilities to fight as a unit.

Only big countries like America had the ability to allow hundreds of Apostles to borrow such a strong ability like gravitation at the same and get be worried that things will get out of hand.

Red veins began appearing in Kaede Hattori’s eye, in an instant, the creatures of the horrific world had began charging towards the surrounding Apostles.

At the same time, the layers of blood red light had wrapped Kaede Hattori up, turning his body into an enormous blood red cocoon.

The whole hall turned into a fierce battlefield immediately. As Kaede Hattori had to disseminate his abilities, Kensei Yagyu was reliefed from the stress. Kensei Yagyu held his sword, continously attacked the few creatures in front of him and broke free.

Upon seeing Kensei Yagyu who was wrapped by several layers by blood red light, Kensei Yagyu held onto his katana tightly. In a flash, he charged towards Kaede Hattori.

Halfway through charging, he glanced towards the corner and saw Zhao Yao hiding in the corner, still eating his pudding.


His glance turned solemn, he launched an attack from a distance. Then continued to charge forward.

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