Am I A God? Chapter 573

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Following Kaede Hattori’s move, Hideki Kujyo’s eyes brightened abruptly. “What a fool! A direct move? Absolute power has made him arrogant.”

After all the other Japanese and the Special Higher Police members witnessing the scene were dumbstruck and terrified. Their anxiety was greater than the joy from the victory.

The price to pay for direct confrontation with the American was too great. Although they hated the Americans for their arrogance and oppressive behavior towards Japan, this direct confrontation and disregard for diplomatic relations had great repercussions. It would cause a series of chain reactions with Japan definitely on the losing end.

After Kaede Hattori defeated Titan, it was finally Kensei Yagyu’s turn to make a move.

His hands slowly came out from underneath his samurai costume. They were pure white and perfect and exuded a strange and fascinating aura. He moved with a samurai sword tightly clasped in both his hands.

Compared to the previously discreet unsheathing and slashing of the sword to fend off the gravitational attack, Kensei Yagyu currently showcased his samurai sword publicly. It seemed like an ordinary long sword, however, in the hands of Kensei Yagyu, it had a special mystical aura. Everyone’s gaze gravitated to the tip of the sword.

Kensei Yagyu advanced towards Kaede Hattori step by step.

With every step, the entire banquet hall seemed to quiet.

“Kaede! Hattori!” Kensei Yagyu roared. Slashing and cutting down opponents was second nature to him, as he had done it millions of times. Kensei Yagyu was so gifted this was like breathing for him.

“After killing you, I will be the strongest in Japan.”

Kensei Yagyu slashed the air as though slashing through chaos and separating the yin and the yang. The entire banquet hall was engulfed by both light and dark rays. A black shadow in the form of a huge sword tip shot out and sliced through tables, chairs, air before finally landing on Kaede Hattori’s body.

Kensei Yagyu’s supercat had the following abilities: Shadow Concealment, Shadow Weapon, and Shadow Jump. Based on these abilities, his disciples had acquired huge fame.

After witnessing Kensei Yagyu’s abilities, everyone realized that Sato, Onitsuka, and Ishia had been much less talented than their master. The difference was like Heaven and Earth.

Before the blade could enter his body, a sky-high blood wave surrounded Kaede Hattori. Blood rays and dark shadows collided and canceled each other out, dissipating into the air. However, the impact left a little tear-shaped wound on Kaede Hattori’s hand. An indication that he was not completely shielded from the sword attack.

Kaede Hattori eyed Kensei Yagyu and Hideki Kujyo and said coldly, “So the Kujyo clan is going to attempt the impossible and invite disaster?”

Hideki Kujyo hollered and said with a righteous face, “Kaede Hattori, you are obstinate, self-opinionated and indulge in willful aggression. You are deluded into using brute force and terror to dominate Japan. You have even secretly conducted research on biochemical weapons and caused the United Nations’ to launch a crusade against Japan. I will not let you succeed.”

At the same time, several assistant directors of the Special Higher Police also came forward in support of Hideki Kujyo. They had already colluded with the Americans.

They were also under the orders of certain Japanese clans that did not want to see the rapid rise of the Hattori clan and the domination of the Japanese supernatural realm by Kaede Hattori. This violent reaction was due to Kaede Hattori’s use of supernatural powers and his meteoric rise to power.

Hideki Kujyo retreated feeling satisfied. The surrounding Japanese apostles looked at each other but no one made a move. When the situation was this unclear, how could they make rash decisions? Once there was a definite verdict, they would rush towards the loser like hyenas chasing down their victim.

The faces of the Special Higher Police members were also showing signs of hesitation. Under the orders of the assistant directors, they surrounded Kaede Hattori without acting.

Slash, slash, slash, slash! Kensei Yagyu rushed forward while laughing. Upon execution of the four slashes, dark lethal shadows, that looked like black sword energy, landed on Kaede Hattori’s head.

Kaede Hattori’s body cast an enormous blood wave that deflected Kensei Yagyu’s attack with a boom.

Hearing Hideki Kujyo’s words, he said scornfully, “Hmm, Hideki, are you colluding with the Americans too? Then there is no reason for Kujyo clan to exist.”

Kensei Yagyu made another sprint. His body transformed into various dark shadows and that evaded the Blood wave. Then he materialized in front of Kaede Hattori and thrust his sword towards him.

The sword tip vibrated violently like an electric drill. Light and shadows were like a violent thunderstorm that combined as dark sword energy. It slashed through the blood wave and cut open Kaede Hattori’s cuff.

“Kaede Hattori! Duel with me. Do you still have time for idle chit chat?”

While laughing wildly, Kensei Yagyu completely integrated the shadows. His Shadow Jump was simply too fast. It was like countless shadow warriors materialized from thin air, exuding an aura never felt before. He zoomed from underneath tables and chairs, behind curtains, from light sources, underneath feet and even from Kaede Hattori’s own shadow, where he slashed Kaede Hattori’s body.

The sword’s reflection and shadow violently changed every second. Every change would spawn even more sword slashes on Kaede Hattori.

The fierce duel attracted everyone’s attention.

Zhao Yao was carrying a plate of mango pudding. He happily ate as he watched the two of them duel. Feeling happy, he could not resist clapping his hands and crooned, “Excellent!” Some of the Japanese glanced angrily at him.

Hideki Kujyo fiercely glared at Zhao Yao and thought, “Fool.” Remembering that Kensei Yagyu had promised to “accidentally” execute Zhao Yao, he decided to disregard him. He considered him dead.

As Zhao Yao watched the duel, he thought, “This sword-wielding fellow seems pretty strong. However, Kaede Hattori seems to be stronger. Seems like I will not be required in the mission to conquer the Japanese supernatural realm.” Thinking that he could earn experience points while slacking, Zhao Yao felt wonderful.

On the battlefield, Kaede Hattori seemed entirely engulfed by the sword tornado. The enormous blood wave was incessantly being cut, separated and broken apart.

Slash, Slash, Slash, Slash, Slash, Slash, Slash! Kensei Yagyu seemed to have forgotten the world around him facing Kaede Hattori, who dominated Japan. He exerted all his strength.

All countries, situation, sword strokes and Special Higher Police officers were being pushed to the back of his mind. He was like a sword with the sole purpose of killing and the strongest, most ferocious resolution to terminate all until there was none.

The blood wave in front of Kaede Hattori was torn apart by the sword slashes. Kensei Yagyu opened his mouth, revealing a cruel smile. Wielding the long sword with infinite brilliance and darkness, he slashed Kaede Hattori’s neck fiercely.

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