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  • Accidentally Married A Fox God The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife

  • Author(s): MoonBirth
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    Accidentally Married A Fox God The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife65 votes : 3.3 / 5
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Accidentally Married A Fox God The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife summary:

From one mishap into another. Li Meirong's life took a turn for the worst after transmigrating into the body of a servant in a different realm, where she found herself in the form of a young woman and sold to a brothel house. Successfully escaping that ordeal, she finds herself encountering a dying snow fox cub in the woods. "From now on you will be my pet and will share all my misery with me." She consoled herself with that notion, at least having a companion around in this hardship would be comforting. The fox narrowed his eyes and flashed his sharp fangs. Who is this stupid woman calling her pet?! Does she not notice the noble bearing of the sovereign lord of the fox clan?! You're lucky you're my woman or I would have killed you a thousand times over by now! Journeying with her cute pet into a large cultivator sect, she finds that here in this world her powers are incredible! "Little fox, I have my own space to grow highly expensive herbs, and can even summon legendary beasts!" Said little fox rolled his eyes, obviously as her husband he will provide her with whatever she needs. But she still thinks he's just little dumb animal! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There will be an average 1-2 chapters 5-7 days a week on, subject to change on time availability. Accidentally Married A Fox God's brilliant editor is - AWonderingPotato and my friend who steps in from time to time - Yumi I opened a Patreon for this webnovel, please show your support if you enjoy the novel. :) https://www.patreon.com/marriedafox *Newly opened Discord channel for the novel - if you would like to be part of any discussion relating to the novel, questions to the author, sharing art content, etc', join now!* :> https://discord.gg/KpSTSHu* ~~~~ *This novel contains mature and explicit scenes, depicting violence as well as sexual content.*

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