A Valiant Life Chapter 639

The traffic police department.

“Captain, not good. The road leading to the airport is jammed with cars.”

“It can’t be? There isn’t any huge national event today. Why is the road jammed?”

“I know. I just got the news just now that Master Lin is about to leave Qing Zhou, and many citizens have gone to send him off. There are at least five thousand private cars headed in the direction of the airport, and the number of taxis is just too many to count.”

The captain gave orders for his men to go down to the airport to control the flow of traffic. Such a huge influx of vehicles wasn’t a good thing.

On the road towards the airport.


wo cars lightly collided with each other.

“Damn, how do you drive? I just got this car.”

“Brother, sorry about it. Can I leave you my number? I’m rushing to the airport to send Master Lin off. I’ll be back to settle this, and don’t you worry. I’ll pay you back whatever is needed.”

“You’re going to send Master Lin off too? Don’t sweat it. Come, get back into your car. This isn’t a big issue, I have insurance anyway.”

“But I caused the damage”

“No problem, it’s only a little scratch, nothing much really.”

This kind of incident happened a few times throughout the whole road. After finding out that both parties were rushing to the airport to send Master Lin off, everyone started becoming more cordial and their attitudes became more pleasant.

All because of Lin Fan, strangers became friends, and some even became close pals in the future.

The traffic police.

“That’s weird. So many traffic incidents today, and none of them came to us to settle their dispute. Instead, they just went their own way.”

“Who knows? The great evil has passed from Qing Zhou, I’m sure everyone is too happy to care.”

At the airport.

“No, you don’t have to pay the fare, Master Lin. If you do, I can’t live with myself. If they rest knew that I sent you to the airport and collected your money, I would be nagged to death,” the driver said.

“This” Lin Fan was in a predicament, before examining the driver. “How about this. I see that your driving has caused your hip to be a little pronated, and that probably is causing a little pain for you. What about I fix you up and you can take that as cab fare?”

“I’ve had this problem for quite a while and I’ve tried all methods to fix or lessen the pain. Nothing has worked.”

Lin Fan placed his palms against the driver’s hips as he started brushing it across.

“Eh, it feels way better. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Alright, I’ll see you when I see you,” Lin Fan smiled.

“Wait Master Lin, can I take a selfie with you?” the driver said, foraging for his phone.

Lin Fan couldn’t turn down such a small request, and so he nodded his head in agreement.

After taking a picture, the driver smiled. He felt like he was on cloud nine.

As Lin Fan walked into the airport, a shocking scene greeted him. It was packed with people and the people from outside started streaming in as well. His driver who was still outside shouted loudly, “Master Lin just walked in, come let us all send him off!”

Lin Fan still didn’t know that the crowd was all at the airport because of him. If he knew, he would have been shocked beyond words.

A fragrant smell hit him in the face, as Lin Fan realized beside him was a lady. One of them had a slender body. She was wearing a cap and a face mask.

Lin Fan’s eyes met with hers, and the lady looked at Lin Fan, tipping her cap to hide her face, as if she was scared to have people recognize her.

Lin Fan looked away, not knowing what had just happened. He continued to make his way to the security clearance.

The lady who was wearing the cap turned to her manager, “That was a close call. I almost got recognized by that guy over there. Otherwise, it will turn into another fanfare and it’ll be difficult to leave this place.”

“Don’t worry, with you in that attire, no one will recognize you. It’s a hundred percent safe, and no fans will bother you,” the manager said.

“That is great.”



A wave of voices spread from the back of the airport.

The lad who was wearing the cap looked on helplessly. “How is this possible? I concealed myself already! How did the fans figure out who I was? I guess I can’t have a moment of peace.”

“Eh, being popular isn’t too bad. Since we’ve been found out, let’s just greet the fans courteously.”

The two people looked as if they were talking to themselves, unaware of what was going on around them.

The lady wearing the cap took off her face mask. If people examined her, they would have realized that she was the popular Queen of entertainment in the country. When she looked at the fans behind her, she was absolutely stunned.

How many people were there?

That was such a grand appearance by her fan club.

A group of people rushed over, and the lady in the cap started looking terrified. She didn’t have a bodyguard with her. How was she going to protect herself against the shoving of her fans.

But something even more shocking happened. The group of people just ran past them, not paying any attention to both of them at all.

“Master Lin, wait”

Lin Fan had already entered the security clearance, and after hearing someone call his name, he turned back, looking stunned.

What on earth was happening?

The citizens heaved a sigh of relief. They had finally caught up with Master Lin.

“Master Lin, we are here to send you off. Thank you for all you have done for us”

“That’s right. Please come back often to Qing Zhou. We will always welcome you.”

“Master Lin, I love you!”

“Safe journey, Master Lin!”

The security guards were shocked. They had never seen this kind of scenario before.

“Sorry to trouble you guys, but could I say a few words to them?” Lin Fan said, before crossing back to the departure hall. “Guys, thank you so much! It was only a small thing. I’m about to board my plane. If I have the chance, I’ll definitely pop by Qing Zhou.”

“Who is that person?” the lady wearing the cap said, looking at her manager.

The manager shook his head. “Not sure. Wait, is that Master Lin? Could it be him?”

“Who?” the lady celebrity who was wearing a cap said.

“The famous Master Lin from Weibo,” the manager replied.

Lin Fan never thought that so many citizens of Qing Zhou would send him off.

He thought that what he did was normal, and with so many people sending him off, he finally felt what it was like to be a celebrity.

Alright, I’ll see you guys soon. Right, remember to pay attention to my Weibo. I haven’t had much viewership in quite some time,” Lin Fan said, waving them goodbye.

Such an important reminder and he almost forgot about it.

“Don’t worry Master Lin, we will definitely do that!”

“That’s right. You are definitely our most favorite person in Qing Zhou. We will definitely pay attention to your Weibo!”

Lin Fan gave a thumbs up, “Thank you guys so much!” Thereafter, he turned back and sauntered back into the security gate.

Walking towards the boarding gate.

Ding ding!

His phone started ringing.

It was an unknown number.

“Hello, who is this?” Lin Fan said into the phone.

A gloomy voice came from the other end of the phone. “Master Lin, good on you to be able to move even my people. I just hope you can laugh to the end.”

Lin Fan furrowed his brows. “Who the hell are you? Are you pulling a prank, trying to threaten me like that? If you have the balls, say it in front of my face. You better believe that I’ll beat you to a pulp. Bring your friends and father along as well”

Du du!

The phone suddenly hung up.

Lin Fan looked at his phone, puzzled before dialing back the number. “What the hell do you want with me? Threatening me and then running. Was that very fun? What the hell are you now? I’m at the airport now. If you have the balls, tell me where you are now. I’ll change my plane ticket for you and go over to where you are to teach you a lesson!”

Du du!

The phone was hung up again.

Lin Fan was getting annoyed. He called back again, but the other party didn’t say anything else.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Can you have a little more balls? Instead of hanging up, come here and face me. I have all the time in the world.”

The other party said just said emotionlessly.

“I’m turning off the phone.”

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